Coconuts have been extensively used for cooking in Sri Lanka. Coconut milk and coconut oil are integral part of our day to day life. Recent revolution of coconuts becoming a global health food have pushed producers to find novel ways of using coconut. Then came the coconut chip.

While dehydrated natural and toasted coconut chips continue to increase its market share in the snacks market, novel varieties of flavored both sweetened and spicy varieties of chips are providing a wide array of choices to current consumers who seek healthy snacking options.

Key highlights about Coconut Chips – Chili & Salt

  • Ingredients – Coconut, Chili, Salt
  • What great about – Vegan, Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Non GMO, Lactose Free
  • Preparation Instructions – Snack it from the packet for a spicy and savory delight.
  • Production Facility – ISO22000 Certified. 

Nutritional Panel

Nutritional Information 
Servings per package 1
Serving size 50g
  100g 50g
Energy Value 2242Kj / 536Kcal 1121Kj / 268Kcal
Total Fat 46.4g 23.2g
of which saturated fat 39.3g 19.6g
Total carbohydrate 35.7g 17.8g
of which sugar 14.3g 7.1g
Dietary fiber 14.6g 7.3g
Protein 7.1g 3.5g
Salt 2.4g 1.2g


100% organic extra virgin coconut oil from Sri lanka.

Storage Details



Shelf life

12 Months from the date of Manufacture


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened refrigerate.


Coconut Only